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 Welcome to Fayette County Public Schools!

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Student Transfer Guidelines for Georgia Choice Laws

I. Introduction  to Transfers

Transfer requests will be made and acted upon in accordance with Federal Legislation, Georgia Statutes, Georgia State Board of Education Rules, as well as School Board Policy and Administrative Guidelines.
II. Determination of School Capacity

Timeline for Determining Capacity
The Superintendent or designee shall determine which schools have space available for transfers, the capacity for each school in the School District to accept student transfers will be determined and a corresponding list developed of school status classifications (Note: School capacity will be determined in accordance with applicable State Board Rules and School System Protocol)

III. Types of Student Transfers

The Superintendent or designee may approve transfer requests for several reasons as decided below.
Transfers under Georgia Choice Laws (SB-10 ,2007/HB-251, 2009)
Transfers allow students currently receiving Special Education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to seek enrollment transfer to schools in a "Limited Status” classification student transfers, but only after services and space availability within the grade/class/course being requested has been verified.
IV. Administrative Components of Transfers

Transportation Services
The parent/guardian is obligated to provide transportation for students attending a school on a transfer.

Athletic/Activity Eligibility
All transfers are considered a permissive transfer per Georgia High School Association Guidelines (permissive transfer does not carry eligibility).

If a student transfers from enrollment at one school to enrollment at another school during a school year, the student will be ineligible for Varsity-level athletics at the receiving school for the duration of the school year. The only exceptions to this rule will be if the student’s transfer was in conjunction with a “bona fide move“ of the student’s residence, the divorce or legal separation of the parents, the death of one or both of the parents, the court-ordered incarceration or institutionalization of one or both of the parents or the student’s placement by the Department of Family and Children Services into a foster home in another school zone.

Students who transfer within the same academic school year for any other reason will result in athletic ineligibility unless the student applies for and is granted a hardship waiver by the Georgia High School Association.
An Application for Transfer form may be obtained from the Welcome Center, the department managing student transfers located at the LaFayette Education Center and online at The application must be received by the Welcome Center No later than Wednesday, July 15, 2009.
Application Review and Parent/Guardian Notification
Superintendent or designee will review all transfer applications based upon the provisions of Policy, will render a decision of the parents’/guardians’ request and notify parents/guardians, and the sending and receiving schools of the decision.

Any student currently receiving any special education services, and requesting reassignment or transfer must have that request reviewed by the Director of Exceptional Children Services.

Length of Transfer
Once a transfer is granted to a student for a given school, the transfer remains effective through the highest grade of the school. The student is not required to re-submit a transfer application on an annual basis.

Portability of Reassignment
Transfers cannot be transferred from school to school. In the case of a student matriculating from one school to another (i.e., promoted from elementary school to middle school, promoted from middle school to high school, etc.), a new transfer application must be submitted for approval.



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