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How do I know which school my child will attend?

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School Attendance Areas

We've made it easy for you to know which school your child will attend! 

Option 1:  Please visit our Edulog system by clicking here.  Once there, enter your street address (house number and street name is all that is necessary), select your child's grade level and click GO.  The school of attendence will be returned by the database.

Option 2:  Visit our Welcome Center to view an attendance map

Option 3: We have attendance area maps available on this website.  Click on the dark gray button at the top of this screen entitled "School Information" then click on a drop-down tab for School Boundary Maps.  Note: the map files located here are very large files and require a high-speed connection to view or download.  If you do not have a high-speed connection, you may wish to view the maps in person at our Welcome Center. 

Option 4:  Telephone the Welcome Center at 770-460-3990, x. 362 to learn which elementary, middle and high school is in your attendance area.  Please understand that there may be high call volume during the weeks immediately preceeding the start of each new school year; we thank you for your patience.




We are very proud of all our schools!  Special congratulations to Cleveland Elementary School for achieving the highest attendance rate for the 9th month of school (April 28 through May 23). Cleveland edged out Sandy Creek High by less than 3/10 of a percentage point! Congrats to both schools!

As a district, we achieved over a 95% attendance rate for the same time period
.  Congratulations to our students for making attending school a priority in Fayette County!