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Our Third STEAM Week was amazing! We still need to make up one for 1st grade. If you want to volunteer, contact Tess Keller! Check out some videos from earlier STEAM Weeks!

Can you believe it is time for our third STEAM Week?  We are sooooo excited and so are the kids!   We will be adding more photos and videos soon.  If you would like to volunteer - we would love to have you!

Monday, Feb. 13th - 4th grade - Designing a Hovercraft
Tuesday, Feb. 14th - 2nd grade - Cupid's Arrow
Friday, Feb. 17th - 5th grade - Homopolar Motors
Tentative Rescheduling Dates....
Monday, Feb. 27th - PreK and Kindergarten - I love this Roller Coaster!
Tuesday, Feb. 28th -  1st grade- Billy Goats Gruff - Shadows
Friday, March 10th - 3rd grade - Design your own.... Insulation 
For now though, check this out to "experience" what our students LOVED during our first STEAM Week for this school year!
Second 9 Weeks STEAM Week Videos ( Work in Progress :)
Kindergarten and PreK - Those Darn Squirrels!
1st grade - Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
2nd grade - Punkin ( Seed) Chunkin
3rd grade - Santa Sleighs
4th grade - Native American Drums
5th grade - Gingerbread Houses
A special thank you to Partner's Pizza and Dominoes for sharing pizza boxes with our school for making solar ovens, and to amazing parents for sending in supplies and volunteering during STEAM!  Wonderful!  
STEAM Night was also a great success! Be sure to mark your calendars for this event next year!!