• Parking Permits


    $60 at the beginning of the year
    $30 after the 1st Semester
    $5 for a replacement permit


    Students who drive vehicles to school will park at their own risk and must understand that the school or the Board of Education cannot be held responsible for the vehicle or its contents. Students should adhere to the following guidelines and procedures:


    1. Parking in the Senior Parking Lot will be reserved for faculty, staff, and seniors with permits. The South Parking Lot will be for all other students who drive to school. Permits cost $60.00. Students who purchase permits will sign and be given a copy of Fayette County High School Student Parking Regulations and Expectations for parking on campus. The driver must adhere to these regulations or risk losing his/her permit.
    2. Parking permits will be sold on Wednesday mornings between 2nd and 3rd period downstairs in the Assistant Principal's Office (Room 1222). Proof of ownership, proof of insurance, and a driver’s license is required at the time of purchase.
    3. All cars parked on the campus must be registered. DO NOT leave a note on your car. Vehicles without permits that park on the campus may be towed at the owner’s expense on the 3rd parking violation. Records kept by the school will be the official documentation to determine the number of violations. Warnings will be issued as follows:

      1st Offense - Warning Sticker (green)

      2nd Offense - Warning Sticker (red)
      3rd Offense - Vehicle towed or booted; loss of permit

    4. Sale or transfer of permits between students or to any other vehicle is prohibited. (This applies to students who own more than one vehicle, also).
    5. All vehicles are subject to search if, in the opinion of the administration, reasonable suspicion of a violation of a school rule exists.
    6. Neither the school nor any staff member will be responsible for any damage to car locks or batteries if a student or parent makes a request for help.
    7. For the safety of all students, a 10-mph speed limit will be strictly enforced on campus. Reckless driving or speeding will result in loss of parking privileges at the school (No warning will be issued).
    8. Students are not allowed to ride in the bed of an open pickup truck either for purposes of moving school equipment or for other purposes.
    9. Parking by FCHS students in LaFayette Educational Center and Fayetteville Intermediate School parking lots will result in the vehicle being towed in all occurrences. No warnings will be issued.