Vendor Information & Instructions

  • Vendors wishing to register with the Fayette County Board of Education must register here: 

    blue arrow icon  FCBOE Vendor Registration

    blue arrow icon  Guide to Vendor Self Service


    Types of Solicitations

    Request for Proposals: solicitation for broad based items or services requiring vendors to submit comprehensive proposals based on specifications both mandated and desired.

    Request for Quote: narrrowly defined solicitation requesting specific pricing for item or service with mandated specifications

    Invitation to Bid: specifically defined solicitation for item(s) with defined, mandated specifications where lowest price controls

    Request for Information: broad solicitation for information regarding item or service specifications resulting in no purchase, only solicitation 

    *Current solicitations can be found on the Solicitations & Surplus page.*

    Invoicing Procedures

    Invoices must not be altered in any way from the original by handwriting or by machine. Computer-generated invoices are preferred. Invoices must contain the company name, the Remit To address, and the Fayette County Board of Education purchase order number.