Pre-K Supply List

  • Pre-K Supply List 2021-2022

    *Updated 7/20/21


    For this year, please bring in the following supplies:

    Primary ruled composition book         Primary ruled composition book

    2 rolls of paper towels

    2 boxes of tissues

    2 bottles of liquid hand soap 

    2 large bottles of hand sanitizer

    2 cans of Lysol or Microban sanitizing spray

    4 containers of Clorox/Lysol wipes

    1 box sandwich bags or 1-gallon size plastic Ziploc bags

    1 package of baby wipes

    Backpack (standard size)

    Plastic rest mat (This type of mat works well.)

    1 kid-sized blanket or beach towel

    1 set of extra spring/summer clothes and 1 set of extra fall/winter clothes labeled with child's name