• Math


    At Peachtree City Elementary, we focus on actively engaging our students in the development of mathematical understanding by using manipulatives and introducing a variety of strategies to solve problems. We encourage applying mathematical concepts and skills in the context of authentic problems. We want our students to understand concepts rather than merely follow a sequence of procedures. In PCES classrooms, students will learn to think critically with an understanding that there are many different ways to a solution and sometimes more than one right answer.  We place a greater emphasis on problem-solving and students being able to explain their logical reasoning through numbers, words, and pictures.


    We also host our school Math Bowl for fourth and fifth grade students. These students are selected to participate in a problem-solving competition. The winning team will join teams from other elementary schools at the county level math tournament in May.


    If you have questions regarding the Math curriculum, our school Math Curriculum Leader is Shawn Agur and the Fayette County Math Coordinator.


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