• Physical Education

    Chris Fogg- Physical Education Instructor
    David Rocker- Physical Education Paraprofessional


    At PCES, the physical education program provides a challenging and developmentally appropriate physical learning environment striving for physical fitness, motor skill development, and cognitive awareness.


    Students are also exposed to a variety of enjoyable activities and sports designed to build self-confidence, social skills, promote cooperation and sportsmanship while encouraging lifetime fitness pursuits.


    Running club Fall and Spring

    Running Club


    Special Programs

    • FitnessGram – click here
    • Running Club
    • Stride Track – click here
    • Kids Marathon
    • Peachtree City Cross Country Team Challenge
    • Field Day

    Core Activities

    • Elementary Project Adventure Curriculum
    • Movement Concepts
    • Rhythm and Dance
    • Manipulatives
    • Sports
    • Games