• Thirty students at Inman Elementary School had an amazing STEM Camp opportunity sponsored by Georgia Power.  Cedric Sheffield, Georgia Power’s Energy Efficiency Education Coordinator and Tess Keller, Inman’s Technology teacher ensured an extraordinary camp experience for everyone involved.   Students were exposed to a variety of Georgia Power associates, and learned a great deal about energy efficiency, electricity, generation, and force and motion.

    Rising third, fourth and fifth grade students were recommended by their science teachers for interest, behavior, and academic success in STEM subjects.  The interest was so great that a lottery style drawing was conducted to narrow the group to only thirty students.

    The participants were Jad Bennani-Karim, Morgan Colclough, Skye Crawford, Jack Higginbotham, Brea Langston, Kate Malthaner,  Piper Scotch, Jessica Starkey, Carpenter Ray, Beth Bishop, Arwen Caballero, Jaxson Clemons, Mackenzie Guillou, Kylee Guiterrez, John Carter Keller, Kaylee Kent, Chiamaka Okoro, Sophia Peterson, Isaiah Reynolds, Ethan Riesberg, Kayleigh Shaw, Emma Anderson, Olivia Ray, Athena Salcedo, Aisha Siddiqi, Andrew Starkey, Wyatt Thomas, Sabrina Tingle, Samantha Tingle, and Tilman Waldorf.

    This summer camp featured extraordinary science demonstrations and made electricity come alive for everyone.  Safety Rules and important vocabulary were an important element to each day.  Some other amazing activities were creating balloon powered rockets, experiencing a powerful PowerTown demonstration, interacting using responders, hands on activities with circuits, conductors,  power sources, and solar panels.  They also enjoyed exposure to literature, solar powered cars, creating solar powered ovens for s’mores & nachos, and especially an amazing field trip to Plant Scherer.  What an incredible journey!

    According to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, there are 4 essential elements to take learning above and beyond.  Georgia Power’s Energy Efficiency Camp certainly utilized collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity in an impressive manner.

    STEM Camp Field Trip