• Student Login Instructions


    Grades PreK-5:

    1. Visit fcboe.blackboard.com
    2. Enter the 6 digit Student ID number as the username
    3. Enter the student's FCBOE Google password


    NOTE:  Elementary-aged student passwords are set by their homeroom teacher (the password should be the student's FCBOE Google password, but please check with your child’s homeroom teacher).


    Grades 6-12: Optimally, students should log into Google Chrome first, then use the single sign-on ('Log in with Google') link on the homepage of Blackboard.  See the Google Login Assistance page for instructions. If that does not work, please use the traditional login method. If you need password assistance, follow these instructions:


    Middle School (Grades 6-8):

    Traditional login method is your Student ID as your username and your Google password as your password.  If this does not work, please see your homeroom teacher to reset your password.  


    High School (Grades 9-12):

    1. Visit fcboe.blackboard.com
    2. Click 'Forgot Your Password?'
    3. Under the 'USERNAME OPTION', enter your first name in the First Name field (be sure to use your first name as it appears in Infinite Campus -- not your nickname.  Example: Elizabeth instead of Becky).
    4. Enter your last name in the Last Name field
    5. Enter your 6-digit Student ID in the Username field
    6. Click Submit
    7. Open your FCBOE email to retrieve a password-reset email sent by the system
    8. Click on the password-reset link contained in the email
    9. Enter your Google password in the password fields.  Type carefully.
    10. Return to fcboe.blackboard.com and log in using your Student ID as your username and your FCBOE Google password.


    Report issues to webmaster@mail.fcboe.org