• Fayette County Schools has fully implemented the BYOT program in all schools that allows students to use their personal technologies in a classroom environment. 


    Bring Your Own Technologies (BYOT) uses that personal technology the student is familiar with, provides it a safe location on a student virtual network, and allows its use for educational purposes. Rather than asking students to unplug and turn off their devices before they enter the classroom, BYOT captures the off-campus and out of school engagement the students have with the technologies and places it in an educational context.  Students are directed to engage their technology device and "plug in" to the lesson. It allows the teacher to control the use of technology and engage the student(s) by linking into their world. The consumer side of the technology is in the hands of the students all the time, and the production side of the technology remains in the hands of the district.


    The number of handheld devices from smart phones to tablet devices to electronic readers to web-enabled gaming consoles to laptops is growing.  As these devices are becoming less expensive, they are finding their way into the book bags and pockets of our students. Before school, after school and wherever you look, you see students using these devices to interact, collaborate and to communicate. Students are collaborative, informative and communicative with each other. By harnessing the technology and the applications they use, maintaining an educational focus, and applying the tools to appropriate curricular outcomes, we meet students where they are, and materially assist them in achieving their educational goals. The district’s desired outcome is to improve student achievement through student engagement, increased communication and collaboration, and to provide students with the opportunity to extend their learning opportunities outside the classroom. 


    The district piloted the BYOT program at JC Booth Middle School and Whitewater High School during the second semester of SY 11-12.  Based upon the success of these two pilots, the School Board approved moving BYOT into all secondary schools for SY 12-13.  Full implementation within the district was completed in SY 13-14.

    Find a copy of the BYOT Acceptable Use Policy on our Technology Services Policies & Procedures page.