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    STEM Academy Launches at Sandy Creek

    Sandy Creek High School proudly announces the launch of Fayette County's first STEM Academy, a program designed to make today's students into tomorrow's professionals in science and technology. A select group of 9th-graders will begin a four-year sequence of content- enriched courses, beginning with a rigorous grounding in mathematical principles, then branching into three programs: Computer Science, Advanced Life Sciences, and Engineering.

    STEM Academy: The Concept

    STEM is the acronym for four crucial fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The word Academy is defined as "an association of scholars," and that is the atmosphere we seek to create: students acting together as colleagues, approaching learning through a shared effort in problem-solving tasks.

    STEM: The Flat Rock Connection

    STEM at Sandy Creek will build on a foundation laid by Flat Rock Middle School, which has been preparing students for STEM instruction since 2012. The ultimate goal is to extend the STEM teaching approach -- learning through problem-solving -- through the entire K-12 school experience.

    STEM and Project Lead The Way

    Sandy Creek STEM will benefit hugely from its affliliation with Project Lead The Way, a nonprofit source of planning and support for STEM instruction. Founded in 1997 and funded by a group of private foundations as well as corporate patrons including Chevron and Lockheed Martin, PLTW membership has been extended to all five Fayette high schools via a Grant from the Georgia Department of Education.

    STEM: The Global Perspective

    Careers in the STEM fields are notably global in nature: there is already vigorous global competition, but there is also immensely valuable global cooperation. Sandy Creek STEM will work to equip students with foreign language competence and cultural sensitivity, so that they may share their professional expertise in any setting.

    STEM: The Academy Website

    A dedicated website for the SCHS STEM Academy is under construction. Soon, parents and other welcome visitors will be able to access full details of the Program, along with new developments as they occur!