Resource Hub

  • Location:

    Room 601


    Monday: 8:00-1:00

    Tuesday: 10:30-3:00

    Wednesday: 8:00-1:00

    Thursday: 10:30-3:00

    Friday: 8:00-1:00

    Or by appointment

    Our Flat Rock Middle School Resource Hub is funded by Title I and is available for all of our families and teachers to use.  Everyone is invited to stop in and check out any of the items we have available that can help our students succeed.

    Some of the items we have available our:

    • Brochures on a variety of topics to help kids navigate school, family, and social concerns
    • Books for parents on raising teens, helping with homework, and much more
    • An assortment of games to help with Math concepts, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies
    • Hands on Math tools
    • Books in Spanish and translation dictionaries
    • Scientific calculators
    • Self help and assorted Lexile-leveled books for students
    • Computers and a printer

    To schedule and appointment or to request more information about our resource hub, please contact Melissa Lohr at

    Resource Hub Informational Flyer in English and Spanish