• Clubs

    We encourage all of our students to participate in the clubs and activities that are offered at our school. Many of our clubs will meet routinely starting the 2nd 9-week grading period through the 3rd 9-week grading period during our Friday Literacy period. Some also meet before or after school hours. Some club sponsors ask for a participation or materials fee as part of membership. Early in the school year we will have a Club/Activity “EXPO” during which students will get to learn more about the different offerings and can sign up to become a club member.

    Georgia legislation allows parents to “opt-out” their child from participation in an extracurricular club or activity. Such requests should be sent to the principal in writing. At the beginning of the school year a list of the clubs/activities that will be offered this year will be posted on the school’s website.

     Select the Clubs Expo 2019-20 link on the left menu to view the choices.