• General Parking Guidelines

    1) Parking is a privilege, not a right.  That privilege will be revoked for violation of parking procedures. Students must obey all commands of the school administration, teachers, the School Resource Officer, and the parking lot attendant. Students are subject to in-school suspension and out-of-school suspension for violation of parking regulations.


    2) Parking lots are part of the school campus.  Vehicles and Golf Carts and their contents may be searched if, in the opinion of the school administration, reasonable suspicion exists.  Students must not have items in their vehicles or golf carts that cannot be brought into the building.


    3) Students may not park any motorized vehicle on campus without a valid student parking permit.  Permits may be purchased in the main office.  


    4) All permits are to be displayed on the lower left side of the windshield (driver’s side).


    5) Students will park in designated spaces only. Parking is on the first come, first served basis.


    6) All city, county and state driving laws and regulations must be followed while on campus. For the safety of all students, the speed limit on campus for all vehicles will be 10 m.p.h.   Golf carts must stay on designated cart paths.  Golf carts may not be driven through the student or faculty car/truck parking lots or on sidewalks. Failure to obey this rule may result in parking privileges being revoked. The School Resource Officer will issue driving citations on campus.


    7) Tags, signs, flags or bumper stickers that are inflammatory, suggest profanity, or advertise tobacco, drugs or alcohol are prohibited.


    8) Students that need assistance with keys locked in the car, dead batteries, cars that will not start, etc. should contact the school parking lot attendant. The school will not be held liable for any damage that occurs. 


    9) Students are not allowed to go to their vehicles or golf carts during school hours without administrative approval.

    Specific parking forms and information

    SMHS Road Vehicle Parking registration form and regulations

    SMHS Golf Cart Parking registration form and regulations

    Golf Cart Path and Parking Map

    Fayette County Golf Cart Information

    Peachtree City Police Department Golf Cart Ordinance and Information Sheet

    Please remember that Starr's Mill High School is located in unincorporated Fayette County. Students and parents are responsible for ensuring their golf carts are registered with the proper government(s) based on their residence and areas of travel.