Volunteer Application

  • Thank you for your interest in Fayette County Public Schools! The safety of our students is of utmost importance, and we ask our visitors and regular volunteers to help us keep our schools secure. Please read the following to assist us with this effort.

    Volunteers: Volunteers are parents or other adults, business or community members, or high school students who are willing to donate their time and expertise by assisting with activities in one or more schools. We respectfully ask our Volunteers to submit an application (see instructions below) prior to beginning a volunteer activity. Depending on the type of activity volunteers wish to perform and the associated level of student interaction, there are 3 levels of volunteer activities with different application requirements:

    Level 1 is for student and adult volunteers for activities which do not have direct student interaction. Volunteers having brief supervised group engagement (such as classroom speakers) are also Level 1. Level 1 volunteers are not required to do Mandated Reporter Training or formal background checks. Apply by completing the simple registration and application process below.

    Level 2 volunteers may participate in activities which have supervised direct interaction with students.
    Volunteers for these activities must complete Mandated Reporter Training (video) annually and can apply below.

    Level 3 volunteer activities may include unsupervised direct interaction with students for lengthy periods of time. Level 3 volunteers must complete Mandated Reporter training and Criminal History Check annually, and must also complete Fingerprint/Criminal Background Check every 5 years. An additional application and/or training may be required for certain Level 3 volunteer activities such as Friends Mentoring Program volunteers. Volunteers can start the application process below.

    Visitors: Visitors are those who attend school events as a spectator or have a scheduled appointment with the school regarding school business or student related matters. Visitors also include performers or assembly speakers who visit a school infrequently or are invited to attend a single event. Visitors are not subject to the application and screening process associated with volunteers (see below), but are required to check in and out at the school office on each visit.

    HOW TO APPLY TO VOLUNTEER: If you would like to provide volunteer services for any of our schools (or district-wide), please complete the following registration and application process:

    Step 1:  Interested volunteers should first register your email and a password of your choice through our secure online portal called the App-Garden “Volunteer Tracker” by clicking on the large blue banner below. For step-by-step instructions on the registration process for Volunteer Tracker, please watch a short video:

    >> Click here to watch the video in English

    >> Click here to watch the video in Spanish

    Volunteer Tracker Registration and Application​​

    Step 2:  Once your initial registration is received, you will shortly receive an email from App-Garden with a link to complete a volunteer application including choosing the types of activities and school(s) where you would like to volunteer.  If you do not receive the email from App-Garden within a few minutes of submitting your email in Step 1,  please check your SPAM folder and look for an email from App-Garden.  If you still do not have the email, click here for technical assistance.

    Step 3: Once you submit the application with your activity selections, you will receive a receipt confirmation email. If you have chosen any activities (such as those in Level 2 or 3 which have additional requirements prior to approval), that email will explain next steps. Otherwise, you’ll hear shortly when you can begin volunteering!

    INFORMATION ON MANDATORY REPORTING: By Georgia Law (OCGA 119-7-5), if you have reason to believe a child has been abused, you must immediately report it to a teacher, counselor or school administrator. Additional information regarding Mandatory Reporting is found with the Volunteer Application and must be viewed prior to approval to provide Level 2 or 3 volunteer services. The video can also be found here: Mandated Reporter Training Video and Acknowledgement Form.