Monthly Business Meetings

  • The Fayette County Board of Education Monthly Business Meetings:

    Work Sessions:

    Agenda Review: 1:30PM
    Meeting: 2:00PM

    Regular Meeting

    Agenda Review: 6:30PM
    Meeting 7:00PM


    LaFayette Educational Center, 205 LaFayette Avenue, Fayetteville GA 30214
    Board Meetings are held in Building A of the LEC complex

2020 Board Meeting Schedule

Regular Meeting Agenda Review 6:30 p.m. Meeting 7:00 p.m.
Month Work Session Regular Meeting Called Session
January 21st
February 3rd 24th
March 9th 23rd
April 13th 27th
May 4th 18th
June 1st 15th 30th
July 20th 1st
August 10th 24th 17th 12:00p 17th 6:00p 24th 6:00p
September 14th 28th
October 12th 26th
November 9th 30th
December 14th

Public Speakers at Virtual Board Meetings

  • Procedures for Public Comment during FCBOE Virtual Board Meetings

    The Fayette County Board of Education welcomes public comment during regular business meetings.

    Anyone wishing to address the Board at the regular meeting must sign up after the agenda is posted on Friday afternoon but prior to 12 p.m. on the day of the meeting. A link will be available on this page Friday afternoon after the agenda is posted, and will remain active until 12 p.m. on the day of the board meeting.

    Approximately 30 minutes will be established for the purpose of public comments. (The BOE can extend the time or shorten the time depending on the number of registered individuals and topics.) Registered speakers will be called between 7:05 p.m. - 7:35 p.m. during the meeting to speak by phone and will be given up to three minutes to make their presentations. A timer will be used and the speakers will be told when they have 1 minute left. All public comments will be recorded as part of the regular meeting session. All participants acknowledge and agree to follow public participation guidelines as part of their registration. 

    Public comments are an opportunity for the Board to listen to the community. Follow-up responses, if needed, will be given in writing by appropriate staff. All comments should address a matter related to Fayette County Public Schools.

    Vulgar language or personal abuse against any person will not be allowed. Comments about individual employees or complaints about student problems are not appropriate for the comments from the public section. The chairman or presiding officer has the discretion to terminate the presentation of a speaker who violates these guidelines.