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  • Parent/Student/School Compact

    The responsibilities of the school in working toward student success:

    • School staff will demonstrate professionalism, courtesy, and a positive attitude through our communication with families, the services we provide, and the school environment as a whole.
    • We will provide a safe, orderly learning environment for our students.
    • We will strive to create a learning environment which effectively supports student learning through rigorous instruction, relevant learning activities and assessments, and 21st century technology.
    • Staff will provide activities and environments so that all students have the opportunity to meet standards, achieve high expectations and receive assistance when needed.
    • School will involve families in the school program through special events, volunteer opportunities, parent training, communication, collaboration, shared decision-making, and resources for at-home learning.
    • We will offer a variety of courses and extracurricular opportunities to help each child his talents and reach his full potential.
    • We will communicate with all students high behavior expectations and will recognize positive behaviors.
    • We will accept, respect, and educate our students and staff with regard to diversity.


    The responsibilities of the parent/family in working toward student success:

    • Families will ensure that their child is on time and attends school daily.
    • They will advocate for their student by communicating frequently with teachers regarding concerns, difficulties, and opportunities for the student.
    • Parent will attend parent meetings and workshops in order to help my child and play an active role in decision-making for my student.
    • Families will encourage learning at home by providing sufficient time, supplies, and a suitable environment for the student to study and prepare for success.
    • They will engage the student in learning activities beyond the school day (For example: limiting television, balancing appropriate extracurricular activities, serving as a role model, and seeking positive learning activities for their child).
    • Parent will monitor student’s progress by communicating with teachers and checking available resources such as team/school websites, homework hotline, agenda, and Infinite Campus.
    • Parent will communicate high expectations for achievement and respect to their student and support the school vision at home.


    The responsibilities of the student in working toward success:

    • The student will set goals and strive to reach them by doing their best in their work and behavior choices.
    • Students will show respect for staff and peer by treating others the way they wish to be treated.
    • Students will treat carefully all equipment used for learning.
    • Obey the school rules.
    • Report to classes on time and prepared daily.
    • Students will inform parents and school staff of needs they have in order to achieve success.