Principal's Corner

  • Dr. Marcus L. Broadhead has been an educator for the past fifteen years. Having started his career as an English teacher in Long Island, New York, he has had the privilege to work with students from the seventh grade through college prior to going into educational administration.

    Throughout his career he has stepped outside of his traditional role of teacher and administrator to be an educator who identifies problems pertaining to youth and contributes to the solution. Among the issues that he has committed to serve has been the academic and social struggles of teenage minority males. As the cofounder of Gaining Essential Networking Tools for Success (GENTS), he developed a male-centered program that has assisted over 100 at-risk young men in their pursuit of success for ten years. After transitioning to Atlanta, Georgia, he has continued to find ways to help teenagers by working as the program coordinator for AVPRIDE, a non-profit organization, committed to helping teenagers make positive choices through the development of leadership skills. He has developed Chief Connections for McIntosh High School and Shaping Him into Future Talent (SHIFT), which also address the needs of youth.

    When he is not spending time with his family or performing his primary responsibilities as Principal, Dr. Broadhead volunteers his time to conduct workshops and speak to youth on making positive choices, healthy relationships, goal setting, and facing obstacles. Dr. Broadhead is an educator who seeks to find ways to help children tap into their potential with the hope that he can be a resource and keep them on a productive path. He recognizes the importance of an education that will develop a foundation that yields life skills and purpose. For him, being an educator comes with the responsibility of formulating relationships, providing relevance and motivating children to be their best self.

  • Dr. Marcus Broadhead, Principal