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    Leslie Kollasch

    I am ecstatic to see all of our Inman children and their families. This is my 28th year in education. My husband, Chris, works for Delta and has a home inspection business. My daughter, Presley, attends Georgia Southern. I have three step-children, Ashley, Kassi and Jake. We have three grandchildren; Addy, Mason and our newest addition, Amelia. I enjoy adventures; such as, mud runs, caving, sky diving, riding 4-wheelers and exploring the outdoors. I am looking forward to working with you and your children.


    Inman School Counselor Vision and Mission Statement

    Vision Statement: Our students will be prepared to meet the social, emotional, and academic challenges and high expectations in life in order to be prepared for the demands of college, career and become positive leaders in our school community.


    Mission Statement: Inspiring the leaders of tomorrow by developing the whole child today!


    PreK-2nd Grade Classroom Counseling Lesson Focus 


    Focus: Introduction to the counselor

    Objective: 1. What is a school counselor?


    1st Grade

    Focus: Soaring to New Heights and Everyday Heroes

    Objectives: 1. Student group will hypothesize meaning of SOAR components (Scholar Attitude, Obey the Rules, Attend to What the Teacher is Saying and Respect Others


    2nd Grade

    Focus: Introduction to Counselor and Hoist the Sails

    Objective: 1. Students will identify two goals they would like to accomplish. 2. Students will identify two positive qualities they possess.


    3rd - 5th Grade Classroom Counseling Lesson Focus 

    3rd Grade

    Focus: Listening

    Objectives: Students will learn to S.L.A.N.T. (Sit up straight, lean forward some, activate the brain, and track the talker) Students will discuss the benefits of listening and the consequences for not listening. Students will do hands-on activities that help strengthen their listening skills.


    4th Grade

    Focus: Gossip

    Objectives: Students will understand the definition of gossip, why it happens, how it happens, and what they can do to prevent and stop it. Students will be be involved in many activities that help illustrate gossip and the consequences.


    5th Grade

    Focus: Personality/Perception

    Objectives: Perception affects all communication and relationships. Students will take a "color" test to see their dominate personality characteristics. Students will explore how different perceptions affect different situations. Knowing the differences in personalities and compromising can improve their relationships and academic success


    Small Group

    As part of Inman Elementary School's development guidance program, we offer students the opportunity to work in small groups on various area of development. Children who share a common concern meet together with the counselor to talk and share. All groups are confidential. No information will be shared with parent unless the child states that they will cause harm to self or others. Students are considered for group participation based on teacher/administrator recommendations and parent request. Groups meet during the school day. Small group permission forms will go out the end of August to students who we currently have on a list. If you are interested in your child participating in a group or you did not receive a form, please e-mail Kristen Bogumill or Leslie Kollasch at: bogumill.kristen@mail.fcboe.org or kollasch.leslie@mail.fcboe.org




    The Real Life Center - offers general assessment counseling, food, clothing, career help, financial assistance and counseling, furniture/household goods, and networking and referral
    308 Senoia Road
    Tyrone, GA 30209

    Fayette Samaritans - offers food, clothing, and financial assistance for selected emergency needs.
    126 Hickory Road
    Fayetteville, GA 30214

    The Salvation Army
    130 Spring Street 
    Jonesboro, GA 30236

    *These are just a few of the resources offered in our area; for more community resource information, please contact Mrs. Bogumill or Mrs. Kollasch the school counselors.


    The Georgia Department of Education has identified 17 career clusters and assigned specific career clusters to grades 1st-5th. During the school year, these grades will participate in career guidance lessons to learn more about the career clusters. 

    Grade 1 

    Ø  Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources

    Ø  Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

    Ø  Transportation, Distributions and Logistics

    Grade 2 

    Ø  Arts, AV/Technology and Communications

    Ø  Education and Training

    Ø  Health Science

    Grade 3  

    Ø  Energy

    Ø  Hospitality and Tourism

    Ø  Human Services

    Grade 4 

    Ø  Architecture and Construction

    Ø  Business Management and Administration

    Ø  Manufacturing

    Ø  Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

    Grade 5 

    Ø  Finance

    Ø  Marketing

    Ø  Government and Public Administration

    Information Technology  


    At Inman Elementary, we emphasize the importance of teaching the whole student. We focus not only on academics but on equipping our students with the life skills necessary to become "Tomorrow's Leaders." Character Education is taught in and out of the classroom. To find out more, you may go to The Voyage website.


    Inman Eagles are always working on…. 





    PBIS stands for positive behavior, intervention, & supports.  

    PBIS is a program designed to teach respect, responsibility, and ready traits at school.  At Inman Elementary School, we hope to encourage students to continuously make good behavioral choices by implementing this program.  

    PBIS provides teachers and other school staff with information to help prevent behavior problems and to help make school a safe learning environment.  


    • Increased time for instruction

    • An increase in positive behavior school- wide

    • A decrease in disruptive behaviors      


    • Parents can help by reading and discussing the behavior expectations on a regular basis.

    • Require your child to speak respectfully to others, especially adults.

    • If your child has a problem in school discuss with them the behavior expectations and possible solutions.

    • Support teacher & administrative behavior decisions.  Discuss issues privately.  

    • Join Inman Elementary at the Community Circle celebrations to help recognize positive behavior.  

    • Volunteer at Inman Elementary