Roles of a Counselor

  • The professional school counselor is a certified educator who addresses the needs of students comprehensively through the implementation of a developmental school counseling program. School counselors work with all students, including those who are considered "at-risk." They are specialists in the human behavior and relationships and provide assistance to students through three primary interventions: individual counseling, consultation, and coordination.

    • Counseling is a confidential relationship in which the counselor meets with students individually to help him/her resolve or cope constructively with problems and developmental concerns.
    • Crisis Intervention (incident based)
    • Individual Counseling (voluntarily by student request or referral)
    • Senior Evaluation & Planning (individual)


    Large Group Guidance is a planned, developmental program of guidance activities designed to foster student's academic, career, and personal/social development. It is provided for all students through a collaborative effort by counselors and teachers at each individual day school. Please check each day school website for dates and times.

    • Parent Nights
    • Junior Advisement
    • Sophomore Registration Orientation
    • PSAT Score Interpretation
    • ASVAB Result Interpretation
    • Class Newsletters
    • Career Details/Workshops/Luncheons


    Consultation is a collaborative partnership in which the counselor works with parents, students, teachers, and administrators in order to plan and implement strategies to help students be successful in the education system.

    • Teacher Consultation
    • Parent Consultation
    • DFACS Contact
    • Referrals Back to Day Schools


    Coordination is a leadership process in which the counselor helps organize, manage, and evaluate the School Counseling Program. The counselor assists parents in obtaining needed services for their children through student enrollment, transcripts and records, grades, and a possible referral back to the day school.

    • New Student Enrollment
    • Transcript Evaluation
    • Student Records
    • Grade Reports
    • Conference Requests
    • Community Referral
    • Career Center Resources/Services