• All Students Should Make Elective Requests

    Using the Infinite Campus Portal



    Registration Portal Open: March 3-13, 2016




    Instructions for Making Electives Requests in Infinite Campus
    Please use these instructions to make elective requests


    1. Go to the Fayette County High School website fchstigers.org and click on the Infinite Campus link on the homepage and slide to the student portal.
    2. Login to your Infinite Campus portal using your user name and password.
    3. Click Course Registration: FCHS 16-17 option from the index on the left of the screen.
    4. Required courses and/or application only electives for which you qualified will already be listed. You may not change any required courses listed. If there is an issue or mistake, those can be cleared up when you meet with your counselor for registration advisement.
    5. Click the Course Search link. A search screen will appear.
    6. Using this electives sheet, enter the Course Number for a 1st semester course in which you are interested. Searching by course name is not recommended since many course names are abbreviated in Infinite Campus.
    7. Click the Go button. Matching courses will appear on the right.
    8. Click on any course to review the course description.
    9. To request this course, click the Request this Course button. You will notice that the Units amount will go up by one.
    10. Next, click Course Search again and then enter into the Course Number search field the 2nd semester course number that corresponds with the 1st semester one you just requested. Click the course from the list on the right, and then click the Request this Course button. Again, the Units amount will go up by one.
    11. Did you request BOTH the 1st semester and corresponding 2nd semester course? If yes, go to step 12. If not, go back to step 10.
    12. Repeat the process with your next course(s) until the Units amount equals 14/14. Depending on the courses that were entered administratively, you may be entering 0-6 courses to complete 14/14 units.
    13. Next, use course numbers to search for courses you would like to list as alternates in the event your requested courses are not available. Follow the same procedure, but click Request as an Alternate instead of Request this Course. Remember to repeat the process for the 2nd semester class that corresponds with the 1st semester one you requested.
    14. Choose 4-8 alternates in your order of preference. Infinite Campus will store alternate requests in the same order that you make them. Students who do not choose alternates will be placed into available electives in the event that their original requests are full. Schedule changes will not be permitted.
    15. When you have finished requesting courses, click Sign Off option from the left index.

    When you meet with a counselor for registration advisement, you will review your requests and make modifications as needed. At the end of registration week, you will receive a printed list of all required, elective, and alternate courses requested in Infinite Campus for your parents to view and sign. Current FCHS students will return the signed form to their English teacher.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, click here to download it.