• It will be Science Olympiad time before you know it!

    If your child loves science, is inquisitive, and likes to create, engineer, and test designs, then consider applying to be part of the Science Olympiad Team!

    What is SO?

    Elementary Science Olympiad provides students engaging learning opportunities in STEM in a variety of ways.  Teams are constructed and practices are help after school to prepare for the big county wide competition in March.

    Who Can Participate?

    Students in grades 3rd-5th

    How Can I Help?

    Volunteer to coach an event. You determine the practice schedule and event. Pick an event you are an expert in or something you can learn alongside your team. I will help you gather materials and activities.

    If you can’t coach, but could schedule a time to share your expertise with a team one afternoon, you are needed as well.


    The events are listed below:

    (Coaches are needed for each team)

    Please contact Mrs. McMillan at mcmillan.angie@mail.fcboe.org to volunteer

    Barge Building


    Bridge Building


    Crime Busters

    (Fingerprinting and analysis of unknown materials)


    Deep Blue Sea

    (Ocean and GA Coast)


    Don’t Bug Me

    (Classification of Insects)


    Mystery Architecture


    No Bones About It

    (Human bones)


    Paper Rockets


    Rock Hound

    (Identifying Rocks)


    Simple Machines


    Starry Starry Night



    Straw Egg Drop


    Straw Tower


    Water Rockets


    Weather Or Not

    (Meteorology and Instruments)


    Which Way Is North

    (Maps and Orienteering)


    Wildlife Safari

    (Food Webs and Habitats)


    The 24 Game

    (Making combinations of 24)


    Science Olympiad Team March 2017

    Check out this photo of one proud Science Olympiad Team!