Fayette County High School

Subject Area Name Email
Animation and Digital Media Debra Forrester forrester.debra@mail.fcboe.org
Audio, Video, Technology and Film I Chris Holcomb holcomb.chris@mail.fcboe.org
Audio, Video, Technology and Film I & II James Trask trask.james@mail.fcboe.org
Business Management and Administration - Entrepreneurship Mario Hoyle hoyle.mario@mail.fcboe.org
CTE AP Dr. Lydia Powell powell.lydia@mail.fcboe.org
Culinary Wendy Moore moore.wendy@mail.fcboe.org
Department Chair & Transportation Stephen Feilke feilke.stephen@mail.fcboe.org
Engineering Matthew Coldiron coldiron.matthew@mail.fcboe.org
Finance - Financial Services La Porsha Allen allen.laporsha@mail.fcboe.org
Health Science Teronia Blake blake.teronia@mail.fcboe.org
IT - Computer Science Dennis Kramlich kramlich.dennis@mail.fcboe.org
JROTC Army Anthony Bell bell.anthony@mail.fcboe.org
JROTC Army Avery Goss goss.avery@mail.fcboe.org
JROTC Army Kenneth Parks parks.Kenneth@mail.fcboe.org
Website http://www.fchstigers.org

McIntosh High School

Subject Area Name Email
Animation and Digital Media Brandon Murry murry.brandon@mail.fcboe.org
Audio, Video, Technology & Film Brad Yarbrough Yarbrough.brad@mail.fcboe.org
Computer Science Rob Kramlich kramlich.rob@mail.fcboe.org
CTE AP Leon Hammond Hammond.leon@mail.fcboe.org
Department Chair & Graphic Design Lauren Bozone bozone.lauren@mail.fcboe.org
Engineering and Technology David Thomas thomas.david@mail.fcboe.org
Entreprenuership Allen Beall beall.allen@mail.fcboe.org
Health Science Jacqueline Burgess burgess.jacqueline@mail.fcboe.org
Marketing Aida Coullias coullias.aida@mail.fcboe.org
Nutrition and Food Science Carmen Yarbrough yarbrough.carmen@mail.fcboe.org
Website https://www.fcboe.org/mhs

Sandy Creek High School

Subject Area Name Email
Animation and Digital Media & Computer Programming Dr. Gary Liu liu.gary@mail.fcboe.org
Audio, Video, Technology, and Film I Matthew White white.matthew@mail.fcboe.org
Computer Science Melissa Turnipseed turnipseed.melissa@mail.fcboe.org
CTE AP Stacey Smith smith.stacey@mail.fcboe.org
Culinary Arts April Cullen Cullen.April@mail.fcboe.org
Department Chair & Graphic Design & Communication Jeffrey Dykes dykes.jeffrey@mail.fcboe.org
Engineering & Technology Amber Smith smith.amber@mail.fcboe.org
Finance - Financial Services Angela Hutcherson hutcherson.angela@mail.fcboe.org
Health Science Kimberly Smith smith.kimberly@mail.fcboe.org
JROTC Air Force Willie Bohles bohles.willie@mail.fcboe.org
JROTC Airforce Veronica Lozoya lozoya.veronica@mail.fcboe.org
Marketing Latangelia Sanderson sanderson.latangelia@mail.fcboe.org
Website https://www.fcboe.org/schs

Starr's Mill High School

Subject Area Name Email
Animation and Digital Media & Audio, Video, Technology and Film Patricia Coleman coleman.pat@mail.fcboe.org
Business and Technology & Marketing Zach Mann mann.zach@mail.fcboe.org
CTE AP Krystin Hall hall.krystin@mail.fcboe.org
Department Chair & Early Childhood Education Hope Via via.hope@mail.fcboe.org
Engineering and Technology Rob Bell bell.rob@mail.fcboe.org
Entrepreneurship Jeffrey Klein klein.jeffrey@mail.fcboe.org
Health Science Julie McKenna mckenna.julie@mail.fcboe.org
Health Science Laurie Davis davis.laurie@mail.fcboe.org
Nutrition and Food Science Adriah Williams williams.adriah@mail.fcboe.org
Project Success - CCAE Mark Williamson williamson.mark@mail.fcboe.org
Website https://www.fcboe.org/smhs

Whitewater High School

Subject Area Name Email
Business and Technology Ron Rineer Rineer.Ron@mail.fcboe.org
CTE AP Kelly Hoofnagle hoofnagle.kelly@mail.fcboe.org
Department Chair & Animation and Digital Media Renee Waters waters.renee@mail.fcboe.org
Education and Training & Audio, Video, Technology and Film Angel Ligon ligon.angel@mail.fcboe.org
Engineering and Technology Jon Johnson johnson.jon@mail.fcboe.org
Health Science Julie Wolf wolf.julie@mail.fcboe.org
Health Science Krystal Dell Dell.Krystal@mail.fcboe.org
Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security Scott Schmitt schmitt.scott@mail.fcboe.org
Marketing Karen Stoll stoll.karen@mail.fcboe.org
Nutrition and Food Science Carla Croft croft.carla@mail.fcboe.org
Transportation Roger Starkey starkey.roger@mail.fcboe.org
Website https://www.fcboe.org/whs