Public Comments

  • FCBoE welcomes and encourages citizens to attend its meetings. As a part of its general operating procedures, the board offers an opportunity for Fayette County residents, businesses, organizations, school system employees, or students to address the board at its regular business meeting(s). The public comment period is designed to gain input from the public pursuant to the guidelines outlined in policy BCBI and not for immediate responses by the board to the public comments presented. Accordingly, board members will not respond during the meeting to the comments or questions raised during the public comment period. Each speaker will have up to three minutes to make their presentation. A timer is visible from the podium. Please conclude your remarks when the buzzer sounds. When several individuals wish to address the same topic or issue, the group is encouraged to designate a spokesperson who will have three minutes to make the presentation. All remarks should be made to the Board as a body and addressed through the chair. Remarks should not be addressed to individual board members. Speakers are asked to keep their remarks civil. The use of obscene, profane, vulgar, physically threatening, or abusive remarks will not be allowed. The Board will not permit anyone to become personally abusive to an individual student, board members, board employees, or other speakers. The board will take comments and questions under advisement and responses, if needed, will be provided by the Superintendent.


    Policy BCBI: Public Participation in Board Meetings

    Regulation BCBI-R(1): Public Participation in Board Meetings