Teacher Appreciation

  • As Teachers' Appreciation Week is coming close to an end, as well as the 2020 - 2021 school year, we couldn't move forward without thanking our faculty/staff, parents, guardians, students, and community for doing your part. 

    The FCHS PTSCO got a late start this school year, due to the pandemic and other circumstances, but your new board came in strong, working hard, and hopefully made a tremendous impact. 

    With low membership and funding, we had to really reach out and depend on a lot of community help, and we truly appreciate the ones who helped, especially in this pandemic season. Next year, with more individuals being vaccinated, we will be able to reach out for more help from our parents and guardians through Sign-Up Genius. 

    So, with that said, we were able to provide our small tokens of appreciation to the faculty and staff throughout the year. Even this week of Teachers' Appreciation, PTSCO, made great effort in giving you something each day. We hope you love them. 

    We want to thank the Newnan Office Depot for the donation of the fine tip permanent markers. We opine that "Teachers make a Permanent Imprint in or Kids' Life".










    Kelly Johnson, Manager, at our local Staples, hats off to you! Your donation was greatly more than expected and truly beneficial. We could not have pulled it off so tremendously without the supplies. We were able to remind teachers to, "Be Wise: Sanitize", and that "Pencils and Paper come from a Tree, but Teachers Help Students Become What They Want to Be". 

    Tim Dodson, with Chick-fil-a Truett's Luau, words cannot express the gratitude enough. You are a hero in my book. Thank you! The promotional cards were truly appreciated. I am sure that the faculty and staff appreciated being able to reduce their tab by the cost of at least one selection, especailly when rushing for lunch or grabbing dinner for the family. 

    Tidal Wave, you are not forgotten. Although the masks were on and  the machines were operating, Jason, you communicated well and made it happen with the alloted discount cards and fundraising ideas. Thank you!

    With the huge donation that we had, we needed storage space. Well, Ms. H. Simpson and Mr. D. Melvin came to the rescue at the Drama and Arts Academy here in Fayetteville. So, if you are looking for a camp to keep your children motivated and busy during the summer, look them up to enroll in their exciting Summer Camp. 

    Let's not forget about Wendy's in Peachtree City, for giving the 2021 Frosty tags, and McDonald's in Fayetteville, for giving us vouchers. We appreciate them as well. We all have to eat, but to be able to save on a treat is a great reward. "Our faculty/staff at FCHS are so Sweet, that they deserved a Treat".

    We must thank those over at Get Air Trampoline Park for the 50% off coupons. I am sure the teachers' children, nephews, or nieces will take full advatange of that fun, excitement, and exercise! In addition to the fun, the management over at Get Air are helping others as well and would appreciate your help and support with the Doug Flute Jr. Foundation for Autism. 

    Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank Steve and Kim at Subway for coming together with FCHS and PTSCO to put together 150 lunch boxes for the faculty and staff. That's no easy task. So, we will be fortunate to be able to treat deserving people to a lunch that will not put them to sleep, but hopefully tide them over until they make it home for dinner. Thankful that FCHS and PTSCO could pull together and make it happen. 

    So, everyone, please get out in the community and support our local stores and restaurants, but especially those who care enough to support us even when business may be slow in this global pandemic.