• Information Regarding Dual Enrollment at Fayette County Schools


    Dual Enrollment/the Accel Program is for high school juniors and seniors at accredited public or private high schools in the state of Georgia, and is operated in all school terms except summer.


    The program allows students to pursue post secondary study at approved public and private colleges and technical colleges while receiving dual high school and college credit for courses successfully completed. Courses pursued by students under this program must come from the approved course directory available at the Georgia College 411 website (www.gacollege411.org) which is supplied to high school counselors in the state.


    Courses are available only in the areas of the core graduation requirements for college preparatory students: English; Mathematics: Social Studies; Science; Foreign Language. At public postsecondary institutions, the program pays for tuition, mandatory fees and provides participating students with a book allowance. At eligible private postsecondary institutions, the program pays $125 per semester hour or $84 per quarter hour. Transportation and other expenses are the responsibility of the student, including tuition and other expenses for non-core courses, if any are taken. Credit hours paid by the Accel Program for the student will count towards the limit of postsecondary hours paid for by the HOPE Program.


    If you are interested in pursuing this option for completing high school, you need to contact your school counselor.


    Important Information to Know:


    1. Each college has their own entrance requirements (SAT/ACT score requirements, GPA etc). You may find that information on the college website.
    2. Dropping a college class required for graduation from high school may result in failure to graduate from high school on time.
    3. HOPE eligibility begins with participation in the Accel Program. HOPE pays for a total of 127 college hours.
    4. Communication between the college and high school counselor is crucial whenever changes are made to a student’s schedule.
    5. There is corresponding paperwork from the high school, college and Georgia Student Finance Commission that must be completed to participate in the program.
    6. Students participating in the Accel Program must take the Georgia High School Graduation Test and all End of Course Tests required for graduation. Due to testing windows, this may interfere with a student’s college schedule.
    7. For more information about the Accel Program go towww.gacollege411.org.