Alternative Education Program Overview

  • Alternative School Goals:

    • To help each student realize the significance of his/her situation and develop strategies for completing his/her education
    • To construct an individualized study plan for each student to be completed on a self-paced basis
    • To provide students, teachers and administrators a safe and comfortable environment that promotes learning
    • To assist students in the transition back into the traditional school

    Mission Statement

    The Fayette County Alternative Education program exists to serve the needs of middle and high school students who cannot remain in a traditional school setting.  The Alternative Program provides an innovative educational program, combined with a staff of dedicated administrators, teachers and counselors who are committed to helping students achieve their goals.

Contact Information

  • 450 Grady Avenue
    Fayetteville GA  30214

    Phone: 770.460.3551

    Fax: 770.460.3905