Gifted Program Overview

  • All public schools in Georgia are mandated to operate a program for academically talented children in Grades K-12.  In Fayette County, this program is called Gifted.


    Because all students should have the opportunity to develop their intellectual and artistic strengths and talents, programs for the gifted and talented are an essential part of the curriculum of Fayette County Schools. The Gifted Program extends the adopted curriculum and delivers instruction with increased pace and rigor in order to encourage gifted learners to promote the critical, creative, and practical application of knowledge.

    Under Current State Regulations...

    Under current state regulations, all test scores must be generated by the assessing school system. No scores from private testing can be used, although such test results will be used to refer a student for assessment. All students transferring from a gifted program in another public school system in Georgia are qualified in Fayette County under the state-mandated reciprocity agreement. These students must present evidence, however, that they have qualified for gifted services under Georgia law and that they meet the requirements of Fayette County’s Continuation Policy.

    Because Georgia has no reciprocal agreement with other states, all students transferring from out of state must meet Georgia’s state requirements before being registered for gifted classes.

    Fayette County will accept test results from out of state or private schools if the following requirements are met:

    • The sending school is accredited
    • The test results were the result of the school, not private testing
    • The tests meet the requirements of Georgia regulations
    • Scores are no older than two years

    Students who fail to qualify are reassessed no sooner than two years from the original testing date.