Which Device For My Student?

  • Kedron Elementary students use mobile technologies to not only enhance learning, but also to communicate and collaborate with teachers and classmates. Our staff is committed to using technology to foster creativity and critical thinking skills among our students. Splost funds and generous PTO donations have given us the ability to equip each K-5 classroom with mobile devices. Since the advent of BYOT(Bring Your Own Technology) in Fayette County Schools, many students enjoy using their own mobile device at home and at school to access a constant wealth of knowledge and tools the Internet provides.
    Choosing a device for an elementary aged child can be a daunting task, and I am often asked by parents for recommendations. There is no best device or brand out there. We have several different devices, brands, and operating systems in the Mitchell household. I am a Google and Android girl. My husband and daughters are all about Apple.

    Fayette County Schools including Kedron Elementary are a Google Apps for Education District. Any device you purchase needs to be able to run Google Apps for Education(Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, etc…). Nexus 7 tablets are used by students in grades K-1, and Chromebooks are used by 2-5 graders at Kedron.These devices work well with the Google Apps for Education Suite employed by FCBOE.