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    About Flat Rock PTO

    Get involved with the Flat Rock PTO today and know your student and the school's faculty will have the advantage of parents that are willing to help them succeed. Students of involved parents are less likely to cause trouble and fall short academically. When parents show an interest in their student's school, the student will be more attentive and perform better. Student life in the middle school years requires parental guidance. This is not the time to let your student go it alone. Help your student! The Flat Rock PTO is your link to ensuring the students and faculty have the assistance and resources they need to succeed. Get involved in the Flat Rock PTO.

    What is the purpose of the PTO?

    The PTO focuses on implementing activities that help the students and faculty of Flat Rock Middle School. Our goal is to help your student succeed and to make our school the best it can be. We do the following to achieve our goals:

    • Recognize academic achievement
    • Facilitate communications between the school and the parents
    • Sponsor fun events like the quarterly ice cream social
    • Raise financial support for student activities at school
    • Assist faculty in purchasing vital supplies
    • Voice parent concerns to school administrators
    • Sponsor appreciation events for faculty and staff



    In 2012, the PTO decided to eliminate membership fees. Instead, we now ask parents to participate in our fundraising events throughout the year.

    We also accept direct donations.  These can be sent to the front office or online here.  Checks should be made payable to FRMS PTO.  All parents are automatically members of the PTO.  In order for the families to stay apprised of the PTO activities, the PTO requests that you register for our distribution list.  This is a separate distribution list than the school's.


    See our Volunteer page to find out how you can volunteer to assist the PTO.

    PTO Meeting Dates

    PTO meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday at 5:30 pm in the Parent Resource Center.


    The PTO elections are held at the end of the school year.  This ensures that the new board is ready to work on the first day of school.

    Executive Board

    President - attend, schedule, and preside over PTO meetings; serve as the official representative of the PTO; recruit Board members; support committee chairs and PTO events; must have served as vice-president in the prior year, and other duties as outlines in the BYLAWS.  As a result, this position is not elected.

    Vice-President/President Elect (2 year term) - Assist the president and preside over meetings in the absence of the president; serve as president in the second year of the term; recruit PTO members; provide input on PTO webpage content.

    Secretary - Attend PTO meetings; record and distribute the minutes to the board, and the school's webmaster for publication; maintain historical records including meeting agendas, meeting minutes and other relevant materials in the PTO binder or other designated location; prepare sign-in sheet for PTO meetings, and other correspondence as designated by the Board.

    Treasurer - Attend PTO meetings; manage the financial records of the PTO; collect funds; pay approved expenses; maintain all financial records; reconcile checkbook monthly; create a monthly financial report; lead the annual budget process that begins in the summer months; submit budget for approval in September; file IRS for 990/990EZ annually; renew incorporation with state; facilitate annual PTO audit, and other duties as outlined  in the BYLAWS.

    PTO Bylaws

    PTO Bylaws - Proposed Changes

    Committee Coordinators/Board Members

    Audit -  shall perform and internal audit of the organization's accounts each year; shall follow general audit guidelines for  organizations; shall receive the organization’s financial records by the end of May; shall present the audit report at the first meeting of the next school year to the Executive Board and the organization; shall make recommendations on the organization’s financial records/procedures based on the review; shall consist of any organization member except the current and immediate past Treasurer
    and President. Shall be responsible for arranging an external audit as needed.

    Bylaws – Review BYLAWS as indicated in the document. If changes are needed, prepare for review and update document with approved changes.

    Fundraising – Work with a team of volunteers to oversee all existing PTO fundraising activities, evaluates overall effectiveness of the fundraising efforts, makes suggestions to the Board for program improvements and the addition or removal of specific fundraising programs; process orders; receive funds; distribute goods. Sub committees may be established to facilitate the execution of the approved fundraisers. Examples: Box Tops for Education Coordinator, Talent Showcase Coordinator, Concession Sales, SpiritWear, direct donations (on website), solicit corporate donations .

    Box Tops for Education – Collect and submit Box Tops to the Box Tops for Education Program by the designated deadlines; Report to the board on amounts collected; work with appropriate committee\officers to promote the program.

    Concession Sales - Work with a team of volunteers to run the concession stand during home track meets in the Spring; Includes: determining items to sell and shopping for the inventory.

    Spirit Wear – Select items to be offered to students, faculty and staff; arrange for the sale of school spirit wear; sell items at certain athletic events and school events such as Open House; distribute order forms, collect forms, collect money, and distribute goods.

    Hospitality and Teacher/Staff Appreciation – Work with a team of volunteers to plan staff appreciation events, and plan/provide food, beverages and paper goods for Veterans Day Recognition, Holiday Luncheon, and Teacher/Staff Appreciation.

    Membership – the chairperson shall be appointed by the President. Shall determine and execute events to recruit and retain members. Shall maintain the organization’s brochure and ensure it is distributed at approved events. Shall work with the Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, and other Board members as needed to assist with publicizing events.  Ice Cream Social – Work with a team of volunteers to plan and serve ice cream at the end of the first three nine weeks sessions for students that receive A’s and B’s on their 9 week report cards.

    Teacher Liaison – Appointed position. Serves as a liaison between the PTO and the teachers facilitating information, providing information about school events, and research other school information as needed

    Volunteer Coordinator – Recruit and schedule volunteers for the activities conducted by the various PTO committees using various means of communication; maintain volunteer database. Works with the Secretary to publish events and assist with maintenance of information on the organization’s website.

    Ongoing Fundraisers

    1) Shopping at Publix: link your account to Flat Rock Middle school and we will receive a % of your purchase. Publix Partners

    2) Shopping at Kroger: Enroll in Kroger's Community Rewards and a portion of your purchases will be donated to Flat
    Rock Middle School. Kroger Community Rewards

    3) Amazon Smile: Link your Amazon account to Flat Rock Middle School PTO and shop at for
    a portion of your Amazon purchases to go to the PTO.

    4) Box Tops: Save those box tops. There is a collection jar in the main office. Box Tops