Shelly Jones – ESOL Teacher

    Michelle Spence - ESOL Teacher



    Peachtree City Elementary School has a diverse population of students. Currently, there are approximately 15 different languages represented. Students in ESOL class at PCES engage in activities to develop English language skills in the areas of speaking (social and academic language), writing, listening, and reading.

    Students in kindergarten-third grades receive services daily for 45 minutes. Students in grades fourth and fifth receive services daily for 50 minutes.  New-comers in fourth and fifth grade may receive up to 50 additional minutes per day.
    Students involved in ESOL participate in a variety of activities. The ESOL teacher works collaboratively with the classroom teachers to support the grade-level curriculum, modify assignments, administer tests, etc. In addition, ESOL receive phonics instruction to develop and enhance reading and writing skills with the Reading Horizons Program. This phonics program include teacher and computer components. All facets of reading are included in this program including phonics, vocabulary, sight words, comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking. On-going assessments track the student’s progress with the option of re-teaching or providing additional exercises in areas that need additional support. There is a home component with Reading Horizons. Parents interested in pursuing the home component should contact Ms. Jones at jones.shelly@mail.fcboe.org or Mrs. Dietz at dietz.laurie@mail.fcboe.org.

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