• Science



    Inquiry is the preferred method of learning in science. In this type of learning the students ask questions about a particular concept being studied. The questions are then investigated in the classroom if possible. This follows the Georgia Performance Standards for Science.



    The adopted textbook materials are published by Harcourt. There are many components that accompany the text. There are lab materials, vocabulary activities, graphic organizers, online resources, workbooks, as well as leveled readers to be used in a small group setting to provide opportunities for differentiated instruction. Aside from these materials there are also inquiry based Foss kits, Lab-Aids kits, and numerous video options. The Think Central website offers students additional activities, student textbooks, and assessments.


    The Fayette County Science Curriculum Coordinator is Patricia Morgan and can be contacted at the Fayette County LEC at 770.460.3990.


    Upcoming National Science Standards