• Social Studies


    Each grade level focuses on different topics and skills in the Social Studies content area.



    Gallopade: Gallopade Curriculum successfully meets Georgia’s Standards of Excellence and prepares students for Georgia Milestones achievement.  


    Social Studies Weekly: Every student has access to our robust online platform, where they delve deeper into history through 100K+ primary source images and videos. Students also love our audio reader, highlighting tools and rewards system.


    The Explorer Program: This resource uses write-on maps as well as non-fiction books written on appropriate grade levels to teach social studies concepts and geography.


    Mini-Society: (3rd grade only) Mini society for third grade focuses on the Georgia Performance Economic standards for third grade- supply and demand. Mini society consists of students working together to create a product that they think will make a profit. Students make enough of their product to sell at the market day for mini society. Students then buy and sell products with mini society money (imitation money).


    You can contact Becky Ryckeley, County Social Studies Coordinator, at the county LEC (770.460.3990) if you have any questions about our Social Studies curriculum.