• Technology

    Caroline Mrizek – Computer Science Instructor

    Google Certified Educator - Level 2

    Common Sense Certified Educator


    At PCES we view technology as a tool to be used in learning, communicating, and creating. We use the 2019 Computer Science standards of excellence for Georgia as the guide for our technology curriculum. Focus is placed on Digital Citizenship, Problem Solving, and Computer Science as we work on various projects throughout the year. 

    PCES is participating in the Fayette County computer science initiative to pilot the CodeHS elementary computer science curriculum which is currently under development. As stated by the GADOE, "Computer Science is understood as the stu​dy of computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their hardware and software designs, their implementation, and their impact on society. The standards blend the core concepts of computer science (i.e., what students should know) and computer science practices (i.e., what students should do). "


    Through the study of computer science students will

    • use critical thinking skills, not rote memorization

    • solve real problems and see their solutions in action

    • strengthen logical & mathematical thinking.

    Learning computer science and programming is about:

    • logical thinking

    • creating something new

    • working with others

    • exploring different ways to solve problems

    • connecting computer science to the real world.


    Technology in our building is used by teachers and students as they are teaching and learning in all curriculum areas. All classrooms in our building have "Connected Classroom" equipment including: a wireless microphone for voice clarification & amplification, an integrated speaker system, and an LCD touch screen Promethean panel. All students grades 2-5 have Chromebooks through our system-wide 1:1 initiative. There are two computer labs available for all teachers to use with their students as well.


    We use various pieces of software at PCES:


    • Google Workspace: K-5
    • Tinkercad - 3D modeling
    • Scratch - for coding
    • Various online resources 
      • Dreambox
      • Brain Pop
      • Facts4Me
      • Safari Montage
      • Galileo research tools


    Other websites we use frequently:

    • Digitalpassport.org
    • ABCya.com

    While directly supervised, students visit many pre-approved websites that coordinate with our curriculum.