Google Login Assistance

  • If you have a Fayette County Schools Google account (teachers/staff and students), you may use the 'Log in with Google' link to access Blackboard, provided the following criteria are met:

    1. User is using Chrome browser
    2. User is successfully logged into FCBOE Google account FIRST before attempting the single sign-on (SSO) link in Blackboard
    3. User has only ONE Google account on the device being used to access 

    Troubleshooting Steps:

    • Clear the cache in Chrome (How do I do this? Read this article)
    • Log out of FCBOE Google account, then back in
    • If another Google account is detected on the device, delete it and then clear the browser cache.

    Common Errors:

    • Users are not logged into Google first which is required for the link to work
    • User has more than one Google profile on the device (such as a personal Gmail account), even if the user is not logged in
    • Parents cannot use the 'Log in with Google' link to access Blackboard -- this feature is enabled for teachers/staff and students only.  If you are a parent, you must manually set a password in Blackboard before using it for the first time.  Visit the Parent Login Assistance page for instructions.

    If you are a teacher, staff member or student and are unable to log in using the 'Log in with Google' link, click the 'Traditional Login' link and log in using your username (Student ID for students) and password.

    STILL NEED HELP?  Please open a Help Ticket if you are still experiencing login issues after following the instructions on this website.