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Sandy Creek student sends logo to space

Zavion Green’s design work is out of this world. Green, now a graduate of Sandy Creek, saw a logo of his own creation beamed up to the International Space Station.

With a career field interest in media marketing, Green interned at local digital marketing agency Country Fried Creative as part of the Work-Based Learning program. While there, Green designed a logo for the 40th anniversary of ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station). ARISS inspires students worldwide to pursue interests and careers in STEM through amateur radio communication opportunities with the International Space Station. 

Tasked with designing the anniversary logo, presentation, and poster, Green worked closely with ARISS team members Jim Reed and Diana Schuler, along with guidance from ARISS USA Executive Director Frank Bauer. His logo was transmitted to the ISS and then back down to locations across the world via radio frequency.

Green was also awarded a Challenge Coin from the school system’s Work-Based Learning (WBL) program.

The Challenge Coin is awarded to individuals who, through participation in the program, exhibit skills that provide value beyond school. These individuals must show exceptional accomplishment in a minimum of one of the following areas: communication, collaboration, problem solving, and creativity. These competencies are based on the one's identified in our county's Portrait of a Graduate and Fayette County's commitment to excellence and creativity.


Posted 6/6/2024