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Bus Drivers Needed

We are looking for responsible adults who want to work with our students, parents, and their colleagues in the transportation department. All buses are air conditioned which makes transporting our students very comfortable. Our bus drivers should be able to communicate effectively with our students and be able to work effectively with their supervisor. Bus drivers who have been attracted to this type of job are retirees who need health insurance benefitsstay at home Moms who have children in school; and workers who can schedule their work around driving a school bus and need benefits. Many of our bus drivers are retirees who want a part-time job which is meaningful in terms of working with our youth and they enjoy being a part of a team. Our transportation facilities and school buses are some of the most modern in Georgia and we have excellent leadership in the transportation department! Of course, we welcome any individual who is interested in driving a school bus - the rewards are numerous. 

bus drivers needed