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Summer Chromebook Information

Students in grades 2-5 will be keeping their Chromebooks over the summer again this year. Below is information you need to know about summer storage and repairs. 

Dear Parents & Guardians,


As the school year ends, we are pleased to allow our students to take home their assigned Chromebook during the summer break. This will allow students to continue to use web based resources provided by the Fayette County School System. If your child is moving to another school within Fayette County, including middle school or another elementary school, please take the device with you.

Other Information

  • If you know now that you will not return to Fayette County Schools in the fall, please return the device to your child’s homeroom teacher by May 20th. Full replacement cost of the device and any accessories: $300. The cost to replace a charger is $40.

  • If an unexpected move occurs during the summer and you need to return your device, please check our school website or call the school for our summer hours. (770-631-3255 / If our school offices are closed, please contact  Fayette County Technology Services, 770-460-3990 ext. 1402.

  • REPAIRS: Beginning Tuesday, May 28th through July 11th (M-Th), parents should bring Chromebooks in need of repair to Technology Services at the LaFayette Education Center, Digital Services (aka VoTech building - in rear of complex). For more information call 770-460-3990 ext. 1417. Map Link to the LEC

  • Stolen Chromebooks: Please get a police report and contact Fayette County Technology Services immediately. 770-460-3990 ext. 1402

  • Insurance Information: If you purchased insurance and need help, Fayette County Technology Services, 770-460-3990 ext. 1402.

  • All web based resources are on our school website under Student Resources > Student Resources. All login information can be found in your child’s agenda or under Student Resources > Login Information.


If you do not want your child to keep the  chromebook over the break, please let me know via email  asap so I can make storage arrangements. If you are storing the device for the summer at home, please read and follow the directions below for proper storage.

Subject: Storing Chromebooks long term - Best practices

Dell wants to share the Google recommended steps to prepare your Chromebook inventory for storage over long periods. Following these steps will help to avoid any charging or battery related issues when the Chromebooks are put back into service.

Prior to long term (Summer) storage:

  1. Update to the latest version of the Chrome OS and charge your Chromebooks so that the battery is at least 80% full.
    1. This ensures that even when the battery discharges while unplugged over the summer, it won’t fully run out of power.
  2. Connect the device to a charger and turn it on.
  3. Hold Refreshand Power at the same time.
  4. While holding these keys, remove the power cable from device and then release the keys. The device should shut down and remain off.
  5. Attempt to power the unit on using the power button. If the unit does not power on, you have completed the steps and can safely store the system. If the unit powers on, you should repeat steps 2 to 4.


Upon redeploying:

  1. Connect the Chromebooks to a charger and a power source, which will get them out of the battery disconnect state. Power up your device.
  2. Connect your Chromebooks to WiFi and update them to the latest Chrome OS release.
    1. This can take time, as multiple Chrome OS versions may have been released since the last time the device was updated.



Misty Brown

HES Technology Specialist