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Important Dates, READ-A-THON is going on now, Chick-fil-a Drive Thru Spirit Nights, Virtual Book Fair Dates....

Mark Your Calendars...

READ A THON is going on!!!

Check out this video!!! 

Dr. Robinson was our first guest reader!  We hope everyone could join in and hear him read A Good Book on Zoom! We were also delighted to host Carmen Deedy and Cathy Falzone!  Thank you for your support!

Dr. Robinson with A Good Book

Be sure to register when you have a chance!  We are looking forward to guest readers on Sept. 23rd and 25th too!  Thank you for supporting this fundraiser!


October 20, 2020 5:00 - 7:00 PM - Chick-fil-a Spirit Night!!!  Drive Thru Only this year.  10% of the drive thru proceeds will be donated to Inman Elementary School.  3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes will benefit! 

Thank you, Chick-fil-a!  Wow! & Thank you for your support! PreK, K, 1st and 2nd grade benefited from Sept. 15th Spirit Night! :)

This year, Inman will be hosting a Virtual Bookfair! It will last for 2 weeks beginning on October 26th.  

Book Fair Flyer Fall 2020

Book Fair Fast Facts
Popular Titles with Dog Man, Fly Guy, Mobi Shinobi, Baby-Sitter's Club,and I Survived and featured authors: Lebron James, John Cena, Sharon Draper, Rowley Jefferson
Contactless - Book orders will be sent to student's home address
Credit Card Payments, with FREE delivery (minimum $25.00 order)
Orders benefit Inman Elementary.
Two week fair starts October 26th. 

 Welcome Video with Dr. Robinson  

We were ready for our students in this "new normal" - did you see us in the news?