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New Student Enrollment Procedures

New Student and Kindergarten Registration is going on.  Parents will begin with the online registration bu going to the attached link:
Once completed they will need to submit the required documents based on steps listed below.


Procedures for New Enrollment during COVID-19


  • Following submission of the Online Registration (OLR - on website under “quick links”), the Enrollment and Records staff will notify the parent regarding the required documents 

  • After OLR has been completed parents will email driver's license, along with the required enrollment and residency documents and parent ID 

  • The documents may be mailed or scanned as one pdf file (if not possible, uploaded jpg is acceptable) 

  • Once the required documents are received, the parent will be emailed the Enrollment Affidavit form for electronic signature 

  • Once we receive the e-signed form back from parents, all documents will be uploaded in IC 

  • A new line of enrollment will be created in IC

  • Email the parent that the ERC process has been completed and inform them to notify the school for next steps regarding scheduling