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Students win big at 2023 Clemson Declamation Contest

Fayette students again racked up recognition at the Clemson University Poetry Declamation Contest. Students from all five high schools placed in the competition, including 20 first place awards.

Clemson University’s Department of Foreign Languages poetry declamation contest gives students the opportunity to perform poetry in their language of study and receive feedback from leading language educators. Participants perform two poems from memory, specified according to students’ level of language study. They are evaluated based on pronunciation, interpretation of text, smoothness of delivery, and textural accuracy.

The 2023 Clemson Poetry Declamation Contest placements are:


Fayette County High

French 3: Manuella Aguegue, 2nd

French 2: Kaelyn Williams, 2nd

French 1: Naomi Rosson, 3rd

Spanish 3: Jennifer Okudo, 1st; Ania Dawson, 2nd

Spanish 2: Regina Aguegue, 1st; Jocelyn Polk, 2nd; Aja Nije, 3rd

Spanish 1: Mieyoshi Gross, 1st; Cori Carter, 3rd

Native Spanish - Casey Iraheta, 2nd; Elianny Montano Yanez, 2nd


McIntosh High

French 3: Amanda Agnos, 3rd

Spanish 4: Sophia Farinacci, 1st; Om Khasnis, 1st; Ellie Shelton, 1st

Spanish 3: Om Khasnis, 1st; Mahika Kumar, 1st; Georgia Weaver, 1st; Eric VanHall, 2nd

Spanish 2: Cydney Fox, 1st; Keyaan Budwani, 1st; Rosselaira Cruz, 1st; Amay Diaz, 2nd

Spanish 1: Fiona Huang, 1st; Faith Scafe, 1st; Ari Zimmerman, 2nd


Sandy Creek High

Spanish 3: Noelle Boyd, 1st


Starr’s Mill High

French 4: Delani Gatson, 3rd

French 3: Shihyun Park, 1st; Lizzie Hunter, 2nd; Qiyi Lin, 3rd

AP Spanish: Ginger Swayne, 3rd

Spanish 4: Lizzie Hunter, 2nd; Abby McSpadden, 2nd

Spanish 3: Joshua Lawson, 2nd


Whitewater High

French 4: Faith Johnson, 2nd; Kevin Peralta, 3rd

French 3: Ariana Peralta, 2nd

French 2: Serenity Maxwell, 1st; Malike Worrel, 1st; Ricky Hall, 3rd; Jessie Ostebo, 3rd

French 1: Jackie Zamora-Guzman, 1st; Sophie Moncrief, 2nd; Aja Buggs, 3rd

Spanish 2: Umunatu King, 1st; Ludovic Lythgoe, 2nd; Elizabeth Toth, 3rd

Spanish 1: Aurora Pool, 3rd


Posted 11/2/2023