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Pre-K Cardinals earn Back to School badges

Crabapple Lane Elementary Pre-K students are great explorers, and they have the badges to prove it.

Their back-to-school theme, “Adventure Awaits in Pre-K,” is inspired by the movie “Up.” They decided to approach learning all of the new places and routines like Wilderness Explorers, earning badges when they exhibited exemplary explorer skills in those areas.

The students earned badges for being respectful, safe, and present in the cafeteria, media center, art studio, gym, and music room. They also earned them for cleaning up the classroom, meeting Nurse Ginger, sharing, and helping a friend.

Each scout earned their badges at their own pace. It took a couple of weeks, but the sense of accomplishment was amazing!

“I was really hoping that this activity would create a sense of ownership over their new classroom and school, and I believe it did,” said Pre-K teacher Ashley Fannin. “They were very excited to earn their badges, and they are still talking about it to this day!”


Posted 9/1/2023