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Wildcats experience effects of impaired driving

A hands-on virtual reality experience helped Whitewater High students better understand the effects of impaired driving.

Health and PE teacher Rashad Muhyee teamed up with the Drug Free Fayette Coalition to bring the Arrive Alive Tour to the school. The experience puts students into an actual vehicle where they wear a virtual reality headset to simulate driving under the influence. Sensors are connected to the vehicle’s gas and brake pedals and steering wheel, enabling the participant to experience drunk driving without the real-life consequences.

Upon exiting the vehicle, each student is handed a mock citation detailing the ramifications of their simulation. An external LED monitor is set-up near the vehicle, showing what the driver is experiencing in their simulation in real time so other students are able to watch.

Building onto the students’ alcohol and drug awareness program, the experience is designed to heighten awareness to the dangers and consequences of drunk driving, distracted driving, and texting while driving.


Posted 6/3/2024