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Quick Reminder, Food-related Activity requirements!

Birthdays and school parties are special events in the world of elementary students.  At North Fayette we love having parents share in the excitement of these special days with our wonderful students.  Even as food allergies are becoming a growing concern many of our parents bring food items to these celebrations. North Fayette Elementary takes this concern seriously and has developed a plan of action to protect students with food allergies.  We are asking parents who are considering bringing outside food items for birthdays and other celebrations to complete our Food-Related Activity Form found on our web-site.  We are requiring that this form be submitted 48 hours before an event.  Our goal is to prevent students who may have allergic reactions from consuming certain food items.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this endeavor as we strive to have a safe environment for all of our children at North Fayette.  Simply click on “Parent Resources” on the above menu, then click on “Food-Related Activity Form.”  Fill out all information and click “Send Form.”