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How Old is Too Old?

How Old Is Too Old? A very popular question this time of year is “What age is too old to go trick or treating?”. Out of the 76 students asked, approximately 56% of them said that between ages 15-18, you should stop trick-or-treating. However; 40% of people said that there is no age too old to enjoy the fun of trick-or-treating.

If you do go trick or treating, the places you go make all the difference. The most popular place to go trick or treating in Peachtree City is Centennial. The houses give out large amounts of candy and go all out for decorations. When going through the neighborhood, you will see kids of many ages, ranging from 5 years-old toddlers to 18-year-old adults!

Some people believe that you should stop trick or treating once you become an adult, they think that only children should enjoy the fun. It’s believed that reckless teens trick or treating through the neighborhood could be dangerous for kids, and many older kids will have scary costumes that would frighten the younger children. Some people also think that it’s immature for older people to be involved in a little kid's activity. However, some say that to deprive someone else of their right to have a fun time is quite rude. Someone may be 18 years old physically but still feel like a child on the inside. 

 There are many differing opinions on this debate; nevertheless,  trick-or-treating will always be a fun tradition for everyone.

Written By Will T. Edited by Lulu V.