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Do Ghosts Exist?

Do Ghosts Exist? Many people in America have stated they have seen ghosts on Halloween. Ghostly beings are said to come out because our brains are hardwired to make us see ghosts. Especially on Halloween. If a ghost is near, you will feel their presence. As many websites describe it, you’ll feel a chill up your spine. The sighting of ghosts usually happens to people who have isolated themselves in extreme or unusual environments.

“I think that ghosts are myths that people came up with over time,” 8th grader Kendall D. said. Like Kendall, 57% of the people surveyed do not believe in ghosts. 6th grader, Lily L. is not a believer “Because if I believed in ghosts, I would get scared.” 

Coach King, the 7th and 8th grade accelerated math teacher said, “ I do, there is a ghost that follows me room to room. It has also been a cheerleading ghost, it has been at all of the cheerleading practices and it has turned on and off TVs and it has also done the same for computers. It has moved things in chairs and turned the doorknob. The ghost has also moved the clock hand for ten minutes and then stopped at the right time.” This is very intriguing and can’t be a prank because it has been following her for 19 years. If the ghost only follows her at school and at cheerleading practices, does that mean it has a permanent residence at Booth?

Written by Owen D and Andrew E. Edited by Allie M