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How Much Time Does the Earth Have Left?

Recycling 2 Currently, in our community, it is possible to make a difference, by making an effort to improve the pollution on our Earth. Pollution is often joked about, though it really is a serious topic. Plants are dying, animals are being killed, and the formerly shimmering blue oceans are turning brown.

Choosing the right ways to conserve and help can be difficult, but with a few steps in the right direction, everyone can make a difference.  

A few months ago on TikTok, a huge social media site, a rumor was spread that we had around twelve years to stop pollution; Soon this time decreased to eight years, then two years, and now, the same rumor says we have eighteen months. According to NASA in their article, Is it too Late to Prevent Climate Change, “ Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today, global warming would continue to happen for at least several more decades, if not centuries”. 

 The United Nations (U.N.) stated earlier in 2019 that we have around eleven years. Recycling is commonly thought to be the perfect solution to the world's pollution issues, but only around 20% of the biodegradable waste is recycled. There are several ways to make an impact as a middle schooler. 

 Make an Effort To plant a tree is one step to creating a healthier environment. Gardening is also good, such as building a greenhouse (a small tent for growing plants). Plastic in the ocean has also become a big problem. An area in the ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has been collecting trash since 1997 when it was discovered.  This place is a huge pile of trash accumulating in the oceans. This problem can be cut down by using less plastic, glass, and other wasteful materials. It may be a good idea to try composting, too. Composting is when you take organic wastes (food peels and other natural wastes) and you let them decompose on the ground in a place such as your garden. It is sometimes called nature's way of recycling. Lastly, cut down on electricity. You can do this by turning lights off when you leave a room, turning the sink off while you brush your teeth.  and spending.

 Seventh-grader Will N. said, “It needs to stop, there needs to be something done about it.” This list shows effective and reasonable ways you can make an impact on our planet, but what can you do if you are not able to do these? Speak out! Groups, marches, and even passing the word from person to person can spread the word of saving the planet.  

Kiersten S. and Camryn S. Edited by Sophie T.