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Costco Robbery

There was a robbery at Costco on Fischer Crossings, Blvd in Coweta County, GA. It took place around October 17th. A burglar stole $13,000-14,000 worth of watches and diamond earrings. Costco recently opened its store toward the end of August 23rd.

Robbery at Costco The robbery took place overnight. The burglar came in at the end of opening hours and hid behind a display wall. He wore the green Costco employee suit which allowed him to get into the room where he hid.

 In the second photo, you can see him running out of the store with the bag of stolen jewelry. The robber stayed inside the store overnight and left in the morning where other customers were present, making it seem like he was just an early shopper. This robber had an accomplice waiting inside a car, making it easier for him to escape. The police are still currently investigating this case. 

 According to WSB-TV Atlanta News, “I’ve never heard of something like this,” Jae Robertson from the Coweta County Sheriff's office, said. According to the sheriff, “This is the very first case I’ve ever had like this.” Police who worked on this case were in awe when they discovered what really happened. 


By: Anna K. and Anahita R. Edited by: Sophie T.