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Speaking in Public

Speaking in Public As we all know, speaking out in public is the process of communication of giving the audience information. This means speaking out by yourself to multiple people. Along with the pressure comes self-doubt and nervousness. From my perspective, speaking out in public at school in front of my peers can be nerve-wracking and uneasy. Sometimes like a turtle, I just want to hide in my shell and never come out. No matter what, speaking in public is not comfortable for me. Just like me, other people feel the same way about speaking in public. There are ways that can help you overcome your fear. Family and friends can give you the support you need. 


Here are the 5 things that can help you overcome your fears:

  1. Rehearse with family or friends as an audience and read aloud
  2. Try tongue twisters to improve talking before a performance
  3. Tune distractions out as much as you can
  1. Find a characteristic style that works for you
  2. Be prepared

When you’re nervous remind yourself of this, I can do this!” Be the best you can be when speaking in public.

By: Tamia K. Edited by: Alexandria M.